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Am i dead sexy?

Application (copy n paste) (bold questions)
Name: Marissa
Age: 14
Size: 00
Location:  Long Island
Describe your personal style: preppy
Beauty Secrets: I wear green eyeliner to accent my green eyes.Not too much makeup.
Tell us about yourself: I play soccer, and basketball. I also dance hiphop.
Your best feature: My smile
Favorite Quotes:  "The truth is you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath id apologize for bleeding on your shirt." TBS
What is sexy to you? I think just my look is sexy.
SHOW US 3 PLACES YOU PROMOTED OUR COMMUNITY: I dont believe in promoting something im not apart of. But if i am accepted then i will. :-D
How did you find this community? through a search
Make us laugh: There was a chinese man talking an english as a second language course. His teacher said to make a sentence out of pink green and yellow. He says ok i make sentence. So he says the telephone goes green green and i pink up the phone and say yellow.
which celebrity do you think is most sexy: Angelina Jolie

Mind or Beauty Mind
Body or Soul Soul
Living Lie or Death Living a lie (death is my biggest fear)
Eye sight or Feeling Feeling
Clouds or Stars Clouds
sex or foreplay: foreplay..never had sex yet but done foreplay

why should we accept you?: I think you should accept me because i will add my own vibe to this awesome community.
an opinion you feel strongly about: I feel strongly about being for gay marriage.

post atleast 5 or more pictures of you and atleast one picture of something you love. do not exceed 10 photos.

Something i boyfriend

My pictures:

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